La société

G. Habar

An impressive legacy: 20 years experience in research and development, manufacturing and mastering quality in the self-copying paper industry.
A strong industrial production: worldwide monthly exports of more than 100 tons of microcapsules!

Created in 1999, MicroCapsules-Technologies adapted these well mastered technologies to its markets and now offers two high performance conventional processes that were developed by our team in other locations for encapsulating lipophilic products:

Complex coacervation

Gelatin-based transparent and soft microcapsules, with an adjustable diameter between 1 µ and 2 mm Available in slurry or powder form.

With this technology, the microcapsules can be produced leak-proof or with a controlled salting-out rate, which is adjusted according to the intended applications.
This type of microcapsule is also sold in a food-grade form.

In situ polymerization of melamine resin

Provides hard, highly leak-proof and chemically resistant microcapsules, with a diameter ranging from 1 to 100 µ that release the active ingredient through mechanical break-up of the shell thanks to its controllable brittleness.

Available in slurry or powder form

A new process has now been added to this already broad know-how, which is particularly suited to the cosmetics industry and was developed by MCT as long ago as 2002 under the impulse of its marketing manager.

With support from ANVAR, a large research project relating to encapsulation by silicone polymers was started with the aim of achieving a quality that would comply with the many requirements of this industry.

The recently marketed Microsil® microcapsules allow for encapsulation of both hydrophilic and lipophilic actives. These are hard and clear microcapsules that are entirely neutral physiologically, odorless, withstand chemicals and high temperatures, and easily drying.

Their diameter can be adjusted between 0.5µ and 50µ according to the applications.
The first patents have been filed.
A cationic version is available for cosmetotextiles.

Based on these assets, Microcapsules-technologies can offer performing solutions in a wide range of markets for which microcapsules are truly advantageous.