Instalations et moyens


Our well equipped research and development laboratory allows us to analyze our customers' requests in widely varying applications:

Research and development laboratory
Analytical laboratory with, in particular, a digital camera microscope and a modern particle diffraction laser.
Applications laboratory for developing formulas or processes using microcapsules in close relationship with our customers.
A pilot dryer enables the small scale production of powdered microcapsules.
Subcontracted research


Newly built, in an industrial estate. Our lab is located in the Loiret region, known as the "cosmetics valley".
It is organised around the cosmetic industry's best practice regulations. It includes four production units with a monthly 20 Ton capacity, allowing specialisations to be achieved with the equipment.

Production capacities

In-laboratory production from 250 ml to 10 kg
Industrial productions from 30 kg to several tons

Today, MicroCapsules Technologies has enough industrial capacity to participate in the most ambitious projects involving micro-encapsulation.